Similarities between Iranian and American Cultures


When learning about Persian-American culture, one thing can stick out to someone that’s unfamiliar with it, and that’s the similarities between Iranian and American culture. In fact, these similarities can make it easy to understand why many Iranian immigrants to the United States get adjusted to their new home quickly.

National Pride

Both Americans and Iranians are staunchly proud of their homeland. They believe that they’re the best of the best. They prefer peace, but either country is willing to use violence when necessary to protect their land. One of the issues between America and Iran is that neither side is ready to realize this national pride exists on both sides.


Both Iran and the United States believe that their country is destined for greatness. This ties into the national pride that both countries feel. The Persian Empire was a threat to be reckoned with in ancient times, and this sense of exceptionalism hasn’t worn away. The United States may have a shorter history than Iran, but is just as proud.


Iran and the United States both take pride in being made up of a sea of successful individuals that make up the population. They also often have this similarity in creating a common enemy for the citizens of the country to vilify. This vilification brings the citizenship together for the common good.

Importance of Religion

Faith and spirituality are essential to both countries. This common ground may seem disparate because one is a majority Islamic country while the other is very Christian, but belief links them both.

Dislike of Tyranny

Both countries have an unfavorable view of tyranny, and both have strived to do away with it in their governments. This hatred is another point of contention between the two countries to be worked through as many Iranians see the way that the United States has interacted with the Middle East as tyrannical.

Iranian American culture has embraced their new home thanks to many of these similarities to their native homeland. Contact us to learn more about how to advocate for a democratic government in Iran as well as improving Iranian-American society through advocacy programs for justice. Together, we can promote these values.

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