The Future of Iran

Iran’s Past Century & the Plan for its Future 

Iran’s Constitutional Revolution:1906-1911Iran of today is what remains of an ancient civilization dating back  3000-5000 years.  Endowed with such rich history and a tolerant/diverse population, the country has navigated through numerous conflicts and international influences.  All the while, Iranian people have consistently sought out secularism over extremism and democracy over tyranny. Over the past century, Iranian people orchestrated 3 major uprisings:1) The 1906 Constitutional Movement in which women played a critical role  2) The 1953 uprisings which netted the democratically elected government of Dr. Mohammad Mossadegh3) The 1979 revolution.

Execution of Kurdish activists by Iranian Revolutionary Guards (IRGC) – August 27, 1979

In the latter two instances at least – for multitude of reasons – the paucity of organized, mature, capable, and mobilized opposition armed with a well articulated platform allowed for manifestation of & usurping of power by despotic governments.  Given Iran’s history and its educated citizenry, demise of the current theocratic regime is only a matter of time.  It is in this context that Organization of Iranian American Communities proudly endorses the platform for Iran of tomorrow offered by madam Maryam Rajavi.  We invite you to join us in promulgating her 10 point plan:

Madam Maryam Rajavi’s Ten-Point Plan for The Future of Iran

  1. In our view, the ballot box is the only criterion for legitimacy. Accordingly, we seek a republic based on universal suffrage.
  2. We want a pluralist system, freedom of parties and assembly. We respect all individual freedoms. We underscore complete freedom of expression and of the media and unconditional access by all to the internet.
  3. We support and are committed to the abolition of death penalty.
  4. We are committed to the separation of Church and State. Any form of discrimination against the followers of any religion and denomination will be prohibited.
  5. We believe in complete gender equality in political, social and economic arenas. We are also committed to equal participation of women in political leadership. Any form of discrimination against women will be abolished. They will enjoy the right to freely choose their clothing. They are free in marriage, divorce, education and employment.
  6. We believe in the rule of law and justice. We want to set up a modern judicial system based on the principles of presumption of innocence, the right to defense, effective judicial protection and the right to be tried in a public court. We also seek the total independence of judges. The mullahs’ Sharia law will be abolished.
  7. We are committed to the Universal Declaration of Humans Rights, and international covenants and conventions, including the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, the Convention against Torture, and the Convention on the Elimination of all Forms of Discrimination against Women.
  8. We recognize private property, private investment and the market economy. All Iranian people must enjoy equal opportunity in employment and in business ventures. We will protect and revitalize the environment.
  9. Our foreign policy will be based on peaceful coexistence, international and regional peace and cooperation, as well as respect for the United Nations Charter.
  10. We want a non-nuclear Iran, free of weapons of mass destruction.


Maryam Rajavi’s Ten Point Plan For Iran

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