Welcome to OIAC


OIAC is an Iranian-American organization dedicated to the promotion of a free and democratic Iran where human rights are celebrated, where different religions traditions are honored, and where every Iranian citizen feels safe and able to pursue their individual dreams and aspirations. We believe the role of the United States and other nations is to support internal struggles within Iran towards these goals. We don’t support war or appeasement as options for resolving conflict with Iran. OIAC serves as a platform for Iranian opposition forces working on human rights issues, and we are a resource for Iranian community organizations in the United States that want to lend their voices to the call for democratic change in Iran.


OIAC is a nonprofit, nonpartisan network of Iranian-American societies from across the country. We are the largest organization of Persian-Americans in the US, and our members are regularly and actively engaged in improving relations between Iran and the United States. Here at OIAC, members can find information on rallies and marches, get all the latest news, and find opportunities to get involved. We use politics, education, media, and grassroots efforts to advocate for better lives for our families in Iran.

In Iran, democracy is within reach. Join us today to make this a reality.