How a Non-Nuclear Iran Benefits Everyone


Since World War II, a chief priority of the great powers of the world has been the restriction of nuclear weapons. While any amount of nuclear weapons is dangerous, the more countries that have them, the higher the possibility they’ll be used. Among the countries capable of having a nuclear weapons program that is a growing concern to the international community is Iran. Human rights are always an issue with the current Iranian regime, but the possibility of Iran acquiring nuclear weapons is a dire threat to the world.

A Threat to the Region

The Middle East is an area rife with rivalries and constant conflict. While no country in the Middle East officially acknowledges the possession of nuclear weapons, it’s widely understood Israel has that capability. If Iran attains nuclear weapons, that could cause a regional arms race among Israel, Iran, Saudi Arabia, and perhaps other nations as well.

A Threat to the United States

The US has interests in the Middle East that have resulted in the loss of trillions of dollars and thousands of lives over the last 20 years. If Iran can be prevented from acquiring nuclear weapons, the US can spend more energy cooperating with their partners in the region, and less time arming them and preparing for war.

A Threat to Iran

While the hard-liners within Iran’s government seek to be a world power to protect their status, everyday Iranians will benefit by rejoining the international community. With increased trade and more exposure to the world beyond their borders, the Iranian economy will have the opportunity to live up to its full potential. The successful prevention of the development of nuclear weapons, will benefit Iran, democracy movements – not the hard-right theocracy that currently runs the country- may finally have a chance at governing.

With a highly educated populace, and a young, tech-savvy pro-democracy movement currently underway in the country, any movement Iran makes away from nuclear weapons will create an environment for the country, and the whole world, to prosper.

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