How Internal Regime Change Benefits Iran


Iran has long held a topical place in the world of global politics. The world has debated a great number of things concerning Iran, the most recent being the nuclear deal formulated in 2015. Many in the West have wondered if a regime change within Iran could solve all of their problems. For example, many just worry about problems between Iran and the United States. A more important question that many fail to ask is how could a regime change by Iranians with no foreign military intervention, benefit Iran? Here are some key benefits to Iran that a regime change would elicit:

A Nation for the People

The current control in Iran is not at all powerful in the national sense. As a government, they have certainly expressed power, but the Iranians themselves do not show similar enthusiasm. In fact, disapproval of their government is all too common to Iranians. With effective regime changes, Iranian politics may finally be able to shift its priorities to its people.

A Strengthened Economy

In shifting political priorities there comes major economic results. See, the current government holds major investments in its military and allies. By shifting its attention to other Iranian interests, a regime change could help strengthen domestic areas and industries and thus the economy as a whole.

A Better International Step Forward

With a more democratic voice and economic power, a regime change could have the potential to really boost Iran’s place in the world. Rather than seeing how such a change could benefit other countries, you can also predict how better political and economic relations could further boost Iran’s domestic ventures.

All in all, international diplomacy can be a slippery slope, bringing new changes and explosive headlines every day. This can distract many from real issues at hand. By looking at a potential regime change within Iran and how that can chiefly benefit Iran as a nation, you are not only looking to strengthen Iranian communities but entire global relations as well. Now more than ever, it’s time to move toward such solutions.

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