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With Separate Press Conferences in Washington, DC, House Democrat and Republican Leaders Express Concern About Ongoing Vienna Iran Nuclear Talks

members of congress

April 6, 2022 – A strong group of Members of Congress raised concerns about the looming Iran deal.
With reports indicating that the United States has reached the last phase of the Vienna negotiations, they said it is critical that the U.S. does not cave to demands from Iran — the leading state-sponsor of terror and a dictatorial government. Read More

Republican leaders

April 6, 2022 – Republican leaders, led by Rep. Michael McCaul and Joe Wilson demanded an end to appeasement of the regime in Tehran.
“It is suicidal…Iran has never stopped developing ICBMs…We are here today to express opposition to dealing with the tyrannical regime that oppresses the extraordinary people of Iran,” said Congressman Joe Wilson in his remarks.
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iran water shortage

Iran’s Capital Faces Serious Water Shortage In Coming Months
Iran International
A water resources official in Iran says inflow of water into Tehran area dams has decreased by 30 percent in the past six months, compared to the previous year.
Mohammad Shahriari told Tasnim news agency that from September to the end of March, 409 million cubic meters of water has entered dams in the Tehran province, while in the 2020-2021 season 573 million cubic meters entered the capital’s vital reservoirs.
Iran has been suffering from drought for at least a decade and this year officials have been warning of a further decrease in precipitation. read more

Iran News in Brief April, 2022
Compiled by the NCRI
This informative report is regularly updated.
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iran news brief
iranian regime supresses nowruz

Iranian regime suppresses Nowruz celebrations in fear of protests
Iran Human Rights Monitor, April 2nd, 2022
The Iranian regime has tried to prevent Nowruz celebrations by arresting and summoning citizens extensively in Kurdish areas in the past month.
Preventing Nowruz celebrations is part of a policy of systematic repression that the regime, especially the government of Ibrahim Raisi, has strengthened. Read more

Happy Nowruz wishes from Members of Congress

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