Washington, DC
Thursday, October 26, 2017

Organization of Iranian American Communities (OIAC) welcomes the overwhelmingly approved bipartisan legislation (H.R.1698) that would slap new sanctions on Iran for its pursuit of long-range ballistic missiles that are usually developed to carry a nuclear payload.

“The bill states that it is the U.S. policy to prevent Iran from undertaking any activity related to nuclear-capable ballistic missiles. The President shall report to Congress regarding the foreign and domestic supply chain in Iran that supports Iran’s ballistic missile program. The report shall identify individuals and companies involved in such activities.

The President shall submit to Congress a determination of whether any Iranian ballistic missile test violates United Nations Security Council Resolution 2231. Such resolution endorses the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action and sets out a mechanism to monitor Iranian compliance.

The President shall impose sanctions against: (1) Iranian government agencies involved in ballistic missile development; (2) foreign entities that supply material for, or otherwise facilitate or finance, such efforts; (3) foreign persons or foreign government agencies that import, export, or re-export prohibited arms or related material to or from Iran; and (4) foreign persons or entities that transfer goods or technologies contributing to Iran’s ability to acquire or develop ballistic missiles, including launch technology, and destabilizing numbers and types of advanced conventional weapons.

The President shall investigate potential violations of ballistic missile and conventional weapons sanctions against Iran. The President shall report to Congress regarding credible information about Iran’s violations of arms restrictions and attempts to pursue sanctionable activities.”

Iran’s missile program that is totally controlled by the IRGC is under the direct command of the Iran’s Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei, and has no objective but to further project regional power and further pursue the Ayatollahs’ involvement in the region’s turmoil. The clerical regime has devoted a significant budget to this program while the majority of the Iranian people live below the poverty line that the Iran’s state media constantly report.  This program is solely for the regime’s survival and is against the interests of the Iranian and the Middle Eastern people.


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