OIAC Welcomes Unanimous Senate Vote on Iran Sanctions


OIAC Welcomes Unanimous Senate Vote on Iran Sanctions

The United States Senate passed a unanimous vote on Thursday in favor of legislation which would make it easier to reimpose sanctions on Iran if it violates the nuclear agreement. The amendment, which was sponsored by Republican Senator Mark Kirk, establishes a fund to cover the cost of imposing sanctions if Tehran violates terms of an interim nuclear agreement which is now in affect, or any future final agreement.

The Organization of Iranian American Communities joins the Senate in calling for vigilance in regards to Iran’s adherence to any current or nuclear agreement. The Iranian regime has time and again betrayed the trust of the international community through its deceitful actions with respect to its nuclear program.

This latest vote by the Senate demonstrates that Congress stands united in their belief that steps must be taken to ensure the ability to snap back sanctions in a quick and effective manner should Iran violate the terms of a nuclear deal. It also demonstrates the necessity of safeguards to ensure that Iran does not misuse this interim deal to obtain short term sanctions relief while pursuing its long term nuclear goals.

The Organization of Iranian American Communities continues to call for the United States and the international community to make human rights a priority with respect to any negotiations with the Iranian regime. It also reiterates its position that only a true democratic change in Iran can bring about a lasting and peaceful agreement.

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