OIAC-US Urges Caution and Vigilance on any Nuclear Deal with Iran



Washington, DC; April 3, 2015In reaction to the joint statement between the Iranian regime and the P5+1 nations, Organization of Iranian American Communities (OIAC-US) urges U.S. policy makers to remain vigilant and decisive in negotiations with Iran’s illegitimate rulers concerning their nuclear weapons ambitions.

Under pressure of crippling sanctions, a unified Arab and non Arab response to its interference in Yemen, and with successive warnings of yet harsher sanctions from the United States Congress, Iran’s Ayatollahs was forced to tactically take a step back in their pursuit of nuclear weapons. “Compelling the mullahs to truly retreat and fully abide by the already passed U.N. Security Council Resolutions and not unenforceable/complicated technical agreements is the only way to stop Iran from acquiring the nuclear bomb,” said OIAC-US political director, Dr. Majid Sadeghpour.  

Experiences of the past 35 years bear witness that Iran’s religious zealots neither have, nor will never, voluntarily declare their illicit activities. We hence echo the views of the Iranian people and demand a complete dismantlement of Ayatollahs religious theocracy, which in addition to undermining international treaties and norms, is the central banker of international fundamentalism.  

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