Iran is Quickly Changing and Evolving


Date: November 18, 2015

“Iran is quickly changing and evolving. There is a new generation of young people rising up to speak against the oppressive regime under Rouhani and the monstrosities that have been committed by the government. This generation is hungry for change and for justice to be served. No longer are the Iranian people going to submissively let the government commit acts of terrorism against their own people.

In my French language class, we examined the graphic novel turned movie, Persepolis. The movie revolved around the real story of Marjane Satrapi. Satrapi lived through the times of the Iranian Revolution when the Shah was overthrown.

She grew up in a upper middle class family that was a part from the resistance against the new Islamic republic. She witnessed the horror of her family being tortured, jailed and executed. But what makes Satrapi’s story unique was her outspoken voice. She would defiantly speak out in class against the teacher and the propaganda of the government which lead her to get in trouble quite often at school.

Satrapi was one of the few at that time who recognized the growing problem of the new government and she was not afraid to voice her opinion. Her story has been heard by millions and she is working today in bringing awareness to the situation in Iran. I think this is exactly what we need, more people to speak out about what is happening in Iran, for there to be light in an area where there is darkness and deception. ”


Chloe Chang


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