Brief On Iran- Newsletter

Brief On Iran – Newsletter
Dec 15/ 2014
  Iran- Human Rights (Women, Minorities, Ethnics)
Iran Human Rights

 On Tuesday, at least 18 prisoners were hanged in groups in three prisons in Iran as executions continue to soar under Hassan Rouhani.

A group of 11 prisoners including a woman and an Afghan were executed in Gezel Hesar prison in the city of Karaj and four prisoners including a woman were hanged in Orumieh Prison.

 Three Prisoners, Among Them An Afghan Citizen Hanged in Iran
Iran Human Rights

 Iran Human Rights, December 11, 2014: Three prisoners were hanged in the Rajaishahr Prison of Karaj (west of Tehran) yesterday 10. December, reported the Iranian media. 

According to the Iranian daily newspaper Shargh, two of the prisoners, identified as “Morteza” and “Mansour”, were convicted of sexual abuse and rape of two young boys. They were scheduled to be hanged publicly yesterday but for some reasons the executions were carried out inside the prison.

Several Iranian news sites such as Tabnak reported about the execution of an Afghan citizen in the Rajaishahr Prison yesterday. The man who was not identified by name was convicted of murdering another man. The victim’s wife was sentenced to imprisonment for complicity.

At least 27 people have been executed for drug-related charges in the first 10 days of December 2014.

Iran Human Rights

Iran Human Rights, December 10, 2014: A female prisoner was hanged in the prison of Qazvin (Western Iran) early this morning, reported the Iranian state media.

According to the state run Iranian news agency ISCA, a woman identified as “F. Gh.” was arrested for trafficking of  2 kilograms of heroin and 6 kilograms of opium. The report said that “she was smuggling the drugs on behalf of others”.

Association Humanitaire

 Iranian regime has stepped up its persecution of the Sunni minority with death sentences imposed on four political prisoners.

The four – named as Hamed Ahmadi, Kamal Molai, Jamshid Dehghani and Djahanguir Dehghani – have written an open letter protesting at the abuses, torture and lies by regime officials since their arrest.
They wrote on November 27: “We were arrested in 2009 and accused of preaching in favor of Sunni Islam. We were placed in isolation and suffered unbearable torture. The trial court sentenced us to death.
 “After the confirmation of our death sentence, the wardens took us to the the gallows on several occasions, and after making us suffer intense psychological torture, they took us back to our cells. At present, we are in limbo and still held in Rajai-Shahr Prison.”
  Iran- Terrorism Activities (Middle East)
 Palestinian attacks Israeli family with acid
Arab News

JERUSALEM: A Palestinian attacker posing as a hitchhiker threw acid at an Israeli family in the West Bank on Friday before he was shot by a passer-by and arrested, the Israeli military said.
The Israeli family – a Jewish man, his wife and four young girls – were sitting inside a car when the Palestinian man hurled acid at the woman and the girls in the Gush Etzion settlement bloc south of Jerusalem, the military said.
The army said the Palestinian also tried to attack the father of the family with a screwdriver and then started to run away, but a civilian passer-by shot him in the leg. Israeli police arrested the man and evacuated him to hospital for treatment.


Australia: ISIS using Westerners as ‘cannon fodder’; suicide attacks kill five in eastern Yemen army base; three Turkish soldiers killed near Syrian border.

Iranian fighter jets are now said to be bombing the Islamic State militant group in Iraq. It’s an escalation in Tehran’s presence there – and a development that has forced U.S. officials to walk a fine line. The latest example came Wednesday, when Secretary of State John F. Kerry was asked if he was aware of any Iranian airstrikes in Iraq, and whether he thought they were helpful in the fight against the militants. He declined to confirm whether any occurred and said Tehran and Washington are not coordinating military actions, a standing talking point for U.S. officials in recent days. But the secretary went a step further, saying Iranian airstrikes wouldn’t necessarily be a bad thing.  while addressing it.
The Nation

BAGHDAD – Islamic State fighters kidnapped and killed 16 members of an Iraqi tribe which has fought the Sunni militant group in the western province of Anbar, a tribal leader and a hospital source said on Saturday.
Tribal chief Sheikh Naeem al-Ga’oud told Reuters Islamic State captured the men from the Albu Nimr tribe three days ago. Responding to a tip, tribal members searched a location about 10 km (6 miles) north of the town of Hit, and found their bodies in water well. The bodies were transferred to a hospital in Hit, where a doctor said they had bullet wounds to the head and chest.
Islamic State fighters have killed hundreds of members of the Albu Nimr tribe since seizing control of Hit, about 150 km (90 miles) west of Baghdad, two months ago. The Sunni militants, who swept through northern Iraq in June towards the Shi’ite-led government’s seat of power in Baghdad, lost ground in the last two months to the north of the capital but have tightened their grip in parts of Anbar to the west.

 Iran- Nuclear Activities
Iran: Nuclear Deal Prospects Influenced From Multiple Angles


The Times of Israel reported on Wednesday that despite this week’s news of a seven month extension of nuclear negotiations, some or all of the six powers involved in the process will be pushing for a faster conclusion. A senior European diplomat made a statement to this effect in the media, and it reflects persistent optimism about negotiations that critics say have led to very little tangible progress.

IAEA to get more money for Iran nuclear deal monitoring


(Reuters) – Several states pledged on Thursday to back a U.N. nuclear agency request for 4.6 million euros ($5.7 million) as soon as possible to pay for its monitoring of an extended, interim nuclear deal between Iran and world powers.

The wall Street Journal

BRUSSELS-European Union foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini has asked Catherine Ashton, her predecessor, to stay on in the role as chief negotiator of the six powers in nuclear talks with Iran, a spokeswoman for Ms. Mogherini said.

Ms. Ashton, who has chaired the six-power group since 2010, will report “regularly” to Ms. Mogherini on the talks.

“To ensure continuity to the negotiations that require a full dedication, Ashton will facilitate the talks and she will report regularly to the High Representative,” the spokeswoman said.

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