Understanding the Psychology of Iran-US Relations


Jun 12, 2017

In understanding Iran and US relations, it’s quite important to discuss the individualities and cultural beliefs of both nations. It’s also vital to consider the differences between Iran and the United States when understanding and developing policies for shared interests and, through this, find some commonalities to move forward. Some may or may not agree with these observations, and they’re not meant to cause a divide among readers, but here are things to consider when looking at the relationship between the two countries.

1. They Differ in Governing Philosophies

Americans are more practical and are more flexible and open to compromise despite their beliefs, whereas Iranians value their religious traditions and are less likely to give up their principles just to get favorable results. This attitude is why Iranians find it difficult to accept agreements that don’t value their culture and beliefs.

2. They Differ in Views on Hard Work and Results

Americans value hard work, and they hardly complain about long working hours because they believe the industry has rewards. They’re optimistic and they set their sights on the results. On the other hand, Iranians are cynical with regards to their point of view about work. They value other things and results in life with more importance.

3. Iranians Value the Past and Americans Look Forward to the Future

Iran traces its identity further back in the past than America does and, deep down, it yearns for the time when it was considered a cradle of civilization. Iranians tend to doubt what the future holds for them. On the other hand, the US has been on a steady climb, and this may explain why a lot of Americans are positive and embrace changes, science, and modern ideas more than Iranians do. In some ways, Iranians feel the world was a better place before certain advances were made.

4. Differences in Viewing Honesty

Most Americans are straightforward, and they’ll tell you straight up what they want and think about you. On the other hand, Iranians are polite to a fault and may avoid telling the truth or lie without hesitation to avoid displeasing you, elders, or persons of authority.
These differences must be worked out for the best interests of the average American and Iranian. The relationship between Iran and US could be a lot better because both Iran and the United States inherently value peace, success, and a better future for their people.

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