Social Development and Peace Hinge on Key Ideas


Nov 01, 2017

Iranian-American society understands that true stability in the Middle East is based upon a free and democratic Iran, one in which all of society benefits. Iranian community organizations in several states have come together in the Organization of Iranian American Communities to advocate several key tenets that must be in place to forward social development for the Iranian community at large. These ideas include a secular state, democratically held elections, and equal rights for all Iranian citizens.

A Secular State

The current theocracy in Iran inhibits the social growth of the nation through oppressive laws. Iranian Americans have thrived due to the fact that they have been able to participate in a society where separation of church and state is honored and where all people have the opportunity to participate in government.

Democratically Held Elections

Iranian elections are simply a list of candidates approved by its supreme leader, a dictator. He can void any and all election results with impunity if they do not benefit the current regime. Such absolute power goes against the grain of Iran’s long history of political and social development, which dates back to the beginning of the 20th century. The OIAC draws from this history to espouse equality for all the Iranian people including women and minorities.

Equal Rights for All Iranians

The OIAC continues to rail again injustices of the current regime against women, including new laws implementing restrictive clothing, rules limiting the ability of women to work and policies segregating women on some modes of transportation. Iranian-American women have shown their industriousness, ability in improving the economy and government and sense of self-direction. These qualities exist in those women still in Iran, as well. However, the on-going trend of repression does not allow them to be displayed. This, in turn, keeps Iranian society from growing and thriving as it does outside of its home country.

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