Regime in Iran and ISIS Are Not Separate Challenges


Majid Sadeghpour

Iranian Americans have long agreed with the concept that the Iranian regime serves as the epicenter of Islamic Fundamentalism and nurtures the roots of an expanding global threat, the branches of which are seen in groups like ISIS, Al-Qada, IRGC, Hezbollah, Hamas, Taliban and the like. In surviving three and a half decades of brutal suppression, systemic misogyny, and state sanctioned crimes against humanity; the Iranian people have come to recognize how best to confront such backwards Islamist ideology.

In a recent speech, presidential candidate and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton agreed. The United States, she noted, “cannot view Iran and ISIS as separate challenges.” Mrs. Clinton should be commended for drawing such an important but often ignored parallel. It is certainly true that, “raising the confidence of our Arab partners and raising the costs to Iran for bad behavior will contribute to a more effective fight against ISIS.”

Bi-partisan members of congress have also been leading the national dialogue and coordinating U.S. actions to address this global disease. Through holding hearings, making official remarks, and by taking legislative action, the US legislature is truly serving as the conscience of the American people.

In the Iranian people and our organized resistance, the United States has the best-equipped and experienced partner to address the global Islamist threat. This asset should be seriously engaged, learned from, and empowered – to free not only the Iranian people, but also the world of Iranian regime inspired barbarism.

Sadeghpour is political director for Organization of Iranian American Communities (

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