OIAC welcomes ending Iran oil waivers


WASHINGTON DC, April 22, 2019 – Organization of Iranian-American Communities (OIAC) welcomes the Administration’s decision to move away from issuing any waivers that allows the remaining importers to buy Iranian oil without facing U.S. sanctions.

Tougher sanctions on Iran have put the regime, especially the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) on notice. The people of Iran know the regime uses all its assets for oppression inside the country as well as instability and terror abroad, in order to deflect the ongoing popular dissent and uprising. Slogans such as “Death to Khamenei”, “Death to Rouhani” “No to Gaza, no to Lebanon,” and “Leave Syria and think of us” are sobering messages coming from protesters in Iran. These are people sick of going hungry and unpaid due to regime’s maligned international and domestic policies. These are the people who are increasingly becoming political and organized across Iran. These are women, youth, workers, teachers, farmers, truck drivers, and the flood victims that are rejecting the mullah’s regime in its entirety.

As Secretary Pompeo said, US demands “are similar to what we hear from the Iranian people themselves. I want the Iranian people to know that we are listening them and standing with them. We will not appease their oppressors.”

The ongoing campaign of maximum pressure has put the mullahs to a fundamental choice between their ideological ambitions and the needs of the Iranian people. Organization of Iran American Communities believes that the people’s choice for freedom and democracy in Iran will prevail.

Organization of Iranian American Communities-US (OIAC)

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