OIAC-US Joins The Rally in Support of Iranian Protesters In Front of White House


OIAC- US Takes Part in a Rally Supporting Iranian Protesters & Teachers in front of White House today

Iranian youth set a hotel on fire in Mahabad protesting the death of Young women named Farinaz Khosravani who plunged to her death to escape being raped by an agent of  Intelligent Ministry.

Continuing with their heroic uprising, the valiant people of Mahabad raided the office of the Iranian regime’s Ministry of Information and Security on Thursday, May 7.

They also set fire to pictures of Ali Khamenei and Khomeini in various areas of the city and clashed with the anti-riot forces. This uprising bagan in protest to the death of Farinaz Khossravani, 26 year old Kurdish woman, who on May 4 jumped off the fourth floor of the hotel where to protect herself against being abused by an intelligence agent.

The demonstration that began on Thursday afternoon, led to extensive clashes between the people and Iran’s elements as the suppressive forces brutally attacked people and fired tear gas and BB bullets injuring dozens. The angry crowd shouted anti-government slogans such as “death to Basij forces” and “death to the dictator” as they clashed with droves of suppressive forces. They also chanted: “My sister Farinaz” There are many postings on the social media titled: “I am Farinaz”.

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