OIAC-US Co-Sponsors Symposium at Chapman University, CA


Orange, CA, November 14, 2014 –  California Society for Democracy in Iran (CSDI) and OIAC-US cosponsored an important symposium titled “Triangle of Evils, Assad, Iran Regime and ISIS.”  Speakers included University of CA Middle Eastern History Professor, Dr. Ali Parsa, Ambassador Marc Ginsberg and Mrs. Kerry Kennedy. Ambassador Ginsberg  addressed Iran’s role in the Syrian conflict and said,  “the U.S. admin. has lost credibility in not persisting on redlines and tolerating the biggest catastrophe after WW-II. The admin. is not doing its share about millions of refugees.”  Mrs. Kennedy added that, “despite all the shortcomings, (US, major powers), the change will come for the Syrian people.”  Professor Ali Parsa, an expert on Islamic Fundamentalism said that ISIS is following the Iranian regime track of terror that has been going on for over three decades.  He added, “The backward ideology of Khomeini, ISIS, and Al-Qaeda, and similar type of mushrooming groups, who can recruit terrorist supporters from the ignorant, misguided, and easily manipulated individuals. As opposed to them, we, the progressive people of the Middle East, can and should also unite in opposing tyranny, our intellectuals, our political leaders, political representatives, both democrats and republicans, hopefully will join us again is what, I already mentioned, universal human values.”

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Mrs. Kerry Kennedy at OIAC-US & CSDI Sponsored Event – Chapman University, Organe, CA, November 14, 2014 Symposium on Iran, Syria, ISIS – November 14, 2014 Professor Ali Parsa Speaks at the OIAC-US Co-sponsored Symposium – Chapman University, Orange, CA, November 14, 2014


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