OIAC calls for immediate release of all arrested at Pasargadae



November 1, 2016

On Friday October 28, thousands of people, many traveled from cities around the country, participated at a peaceful demonstration on the occasion of the birthday of Cyrus the Great at his tomb in Pasargadae in Fars province in Iran. Cyrus, who ruled in the 6th Century BC, reputedly established the first universal declaration of human rights.

The demonstrators chanted: “Death to the dictator”, “Let alone Syria, think of us”, “Not Gaza, Not Lebanon, I give my life for Iran”, “freedom of thought, impossible under the mullahs” and “Under the clerical regime, we experience only oppression, only war”. The rally caused the anger and wrath of the regime’s leaders.

According to Meh News Agency, “the main ringleaders of the rally that chanted disturbing and anti-values slogans were arrested. The judicial files have also been formed for these individuals…and they will be dealt with necessary judicial procedure” (state-run Mehr News aAency, October 31)

OIAC calls all human rights organizations and related authorities to take immediate action to release the detainees!

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