My visit to Iran Rights Violations


By Chloe Chang

This past week I visited the Senate Office Building where I saw an exhibition on Iran’s human rights violations in Russell Rotunda. Iran is being overturned by Rouhani’s oppressive regime and I was shocked to know the number of ruthless executions that have been committed. Rouhani’s government has violated a countless number of human rights. Under Rouhani, 2000 Iranians have been executed, a majority unannounced, hundreds in public along with 17 minors. Iranian women have been subjected to acid attacks and the government seems to condone or even sponsor these actions. To no surprise, the religious minorities are persecuted like Christians.

In one of the exhibits it talked about Iranian-American Christian pastor, Saeed Abedini. Years ago, Mr. Abedini’s wife came to speak at a church about her husband’s story and I was stunned by the injustice and persecution that had occurred. I still vividly remember how distressed Mrs. Abedini was when she learned the news of her husband being arrested and tortured. There are innocent people all over Iran that are being executed, tortured, imprisoned for menial acts that do not warrant the amount of injustice that they actually receive. The public needs to understand how serious of a problem this is and how it cannot continue. Hundreds of more innocent people will continue to die unless something changes.

Chloe Chang, GWU student, OIAC Intern

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