Ms. Farhadi, an ICU nurse was fired due to her participation in signing letter to Iran’s Parliament


January 26. 2016
Ms. Farhadi, an ICU nurse at Rajaii Hospital, was summoned to Evin Prison on January 21, 2016, to serve her one-year prison sentence.

Ms. Farhadi had been arrested on October 8, 2014, along with 70 others for submitting a letter to the mullahs’ parliament demanding freedom of imprisoned teacher of mysticism, Mohammad Ali Taheri, who was on hunger strike at the time.

Ms. Farhadi went on hunger strike for eight days before she was released on bail. She was told during interrogation in the notorious 209 ward of Evin, to write a paper against her teacher but she refused. In a summary trial, she was sentenced to one year imprisonment and three lashes of the whip. Ms. Farhadi is an ICU nurse in heart surgery section and worked at Rajaii Hospital but was expelled from her job on the orders of the court judge.

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