Ms. Delaram Ahmady of Southern California Youth Society, 02/22/2014


My dear friend Asieh, who was a few years older than me and had gone to Ashraf from California, got killed by mullahs’ agents, but in fact she is alive, she is alive in everyone of us here, and I can see her and feel her, always full of life, joy, and smile.  My message to the ayatollahs is simple but very clear.  Over the years, the courageous, selfless, and brave went to Camp Ashraf and devoted their lives to the liberation of Iran and the ideal of freedom.  I want the mullahs to know that the youths in Liberty have become today’s role models for me and many others.  They have shown us that no obstacles are insurmountable.  This generation will sweep the ayatollahs from the political scene of Iran into where they belong: the dustbin of history.  (Ms. Delaram Ahmady; Iran Symposium; Los Angeles Convention Center; February 22, 2014)

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