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Most Iranian Americans voice against the agreement between P5+1 countries and the despots in Iran

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Washington, DC, July 15, 2015 – The agreement announced this week between P5+1 countries and Iran represents a significant retreat by the Ayatollahs but regrettably fails to block Tehran’s pathways to a nuclear bomb. Organization of Iranian American Communities (OIAC-US) is deeply concerned that the unwarranted concessions provides the extremist rulers in Iran tens of billions of dollars to further feed the roots of terrorism in the region.

Most notably, the agreement allows Iran to deny or delay immediate access to its declared or suspect nuclear facilities and virtually ignores all aspects of the long-standing unresolved issues related to its clandestine activities and their Possible Military Dimension (PMD).   The deal also circumvents six U.N. Security Council resolutions without securing measures to ensure acceptable verification of regime’s nuclear activities.

At its core, the pact trusts Iran to act consistent with International norms and standards, a virtue for which they are not known.  Furthermore, the concessions are based on the erroneous assumption that Iran can be a partner in the regional/international struggle against Islamic extremism.  In reality, this nuclear deal, if ratified by U.S. Congress, legitimizes and empowers the epicenter of radical Islamic fundamentalism:  the mullahs in Tehran.  The past 36 years bear witness that Iranian regime, with or without a nuclear weapon, is a threat to the civilized world.  This threat is primarily rooted in its expansionist, misogynist, and fascist ideology.  As such, Iran’s nuclear project must be viewed and addressed first and foremost with due regards to the regime’s nature and in light of it previous conduct, illegitimacy among its own citizens, and stated intentions.  That explains why the Iranian regime has acted as a major inspiration, model for and, as the Department of State has said, the most active backer of terrorist groups and cells across the globe.

The agreement’s failure to hold Iran accountable for inhume persecution of millions of Iranians, men, women and young people alike in Iran, not to mention the crimes it perpetuates across Syria, Iraq, Egypt and Yemen is quite unfortunate.   The only way to neutralize this repressive, expansionist danger is to trust the Iranian people and engage them to bring about democratic change in Iran.  It is only through the Iranian people and the organized opposition movement, and not the barbaric medievalist Ayatollahs, that a pluralistic, secular, free and non-nuclear Iran can join the family of nations.

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  • This ‪‎Iran Deal‬ has made many people hopeful as the administration of President Obama is trying to sell it to American public that it prevents another unwanted war in the Middle East. Unfortunately it is not the case and it only postpone it!

    President Obama’s approach to negotiation with Iran was never a sincere approach the same way that Iranian regime was always deceitful and unfortunately the fascist regime of Mullahs of ‪Iran‬ does not view it as a genuine nuclear agreement to prevent another unwanted war in the ‪Middle East‬. Obama simply wants to end his term without any military confrontation anywhere in the world. Iranian regime views it as a nuclear ceasefire that provides them with breathing room to acquire nuclear weapon while they export fundamentalism and terrorism across the Middle East. What brought the Iranian regime to the negotiation table could keep them at the table if all negotiating members of P5+1 and especially ‪US‬ would have negotiated from a position of strength and demanded total dismantle of their nuclear facilities aimed for development of nuclear weapon besides making the removal of sanctions and release of the billions of dollars assets of Iranian people contingent to complete respect for Human Rights in Iran and stop of exporting their fundamentalism and terrorism to all nations of Middle East and rest of the world.

    The issue at hand is much more important than many people realize, we should prevent proliferation of nuclear weapons across the world and especially in volatile region of Middle East. I like to see that all nations with nuclear weapons work to disarm and put an end to this horrible phase of world civilization that started with Hiroshima bombing. The right course of actions is to stop Iran acquiring it and then moving on to create such a peaceful world that manufacturing weapons of any kind would be totally unacceptable to humanity worldwide.