Iran and US Relationship: The Fight for Democracy


Oct 04, 2017

Democracy is a beautiful, dynamic, and sometimes fragile system of governance. Although Iran and US relations are politically contentious, there are several ways in which they can work together to cultivate stronger democracy in Iran and the Middle East.

Resisting Regimes, Supporting the People

The current political leadership of Iran operates far more like a theocracy than a true democracy. Leading figures of Islam in the country have strong political power. It’s a bit as if the leadership of major Christian churches in the United States had a say in whether certain bills pass, or individuals can hold office. This theocracy in Iran is one of many reasons why relations between the United States and Iran have been contentious, and several political actions that the US has taken have been intended as an expression of disapproval of Iran’s theocracy. What could help turn the tide in Iran-US relations could have to do with focusing on helping the Iranian people instead of focusing on delegitimizing the Iranian government.

Considering Experts on Diplomatic Solutions

This is where it is wise to consider expert political scientists, as well as veteran military and foreign service officers with experience in the Middle East, to best understand the complex dynamics of the region and how improved relations with the Iranian people could help to leverage that conflict, specifically the issue of terrorism. While military solutions have been a constant in the middle east with the wars in Syria and Iraq, it’s important for leadership to not only address the violence of the region, but extend a hand of peace to the Iranian people who are merely victims of an unjust government.

The Iran-US Democratic Ideal

In an ideal world, the people of Iran’s dreams for true democratic leadership will be established, and Iran will turn into a country of, by, and for the people. In such a country, the people would be able to influence major political decisions, and trust and teamwork in Iran and US relations would be able to reconnect and grow. That support would be mutually beneficial, helping reinforce Iran as a reputable democracy, and establishing the United States amiably with both Iran and Saudi Arabia—hopefully providing leverage that could lead to the end of proxy wars in the region. Many things still need to change, however, before these idealistic dreams can become a reality.

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