Iran forces Prisoners to participate in Election



3,000 prisoners in southeast Iran rejected to be bullied to vote.The Iranian regime in desperate need of voters’ participation to show that there is some legitimacy left for the criminal mullahs, resorted to every means possible to get more votes.

For this matter, prisoners in a number of prisons were forced to vote, but despite many threats and incentives by officials forcing inmates in Zahedan Central Prison to vote in the sham twin elections, 3,000 inmates in this prison alone boycotted the polls and refused to cast their ballots, Human Rights & Democracy Advocates in Iran reported.
State agents were seen going to various wards at 9 am on Friday, February 26th, calling on prisoners to take part in the sham elections. However, no prisoner was willing to cast their votes.

“There are hundreds of prisoners on death row here, and they want us to vote for our own executions. Do they expect us to vote for being deprived of medical care, packed prisons, poor food and hygiene conditions, and being unjustly tried in court?”, the prisoners said.

State agents went to the wards twice on Friday afternoon and by promising leaves, visits and reconsideration in the prisoners’ cases they were seen begging inmates to vote. However, the prisoners stood firm and denied any such cooperation.


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