Source: Infographic on Government Corruption in Iran


Infographic – Government Corruption in Iran

Embezzlement in Iranian government

It is hoped by many in Iran that the removal of broad sanctions will lead to a gradual improvement in the country’s economic situation. But several recent court cases trying former government officials for embezzlement and financial corruption demonstrate an undeniable truth about life in the Islamic Republic of Iran: that public funds often find their way into private hands, and that the arbitrariness and weak rule of law that characterize the Islamic Republic’s judicial system also cripple the country’s economy.

These are facets of an entrenched authoritarian system which prevent the realization of the economic and social rights of Iranian citizens just as they prevent the realization of civil and political rights.

The infographic below uses the combined total from six recent financial corruption cases to illustrate how embezzlement and government corruption can indeed be interpreted as human rights issues. As foreign businesses begin to consider doing business with the Islamic Republic of Iran, they should take care not to reinforce corrupt practices.

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