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Born in Tehran, Iran, Ali Parsa came to the US to study biochemistry, architecture, and philosophy, then got a double masters at UCLA in history and Islamic/religious studies, followed by a Ph.D. in history. He has been teaching world history, comparative religion, humanities, architecture, philosophy of religion, and gender and religion at universities and colleges in California since 1998.

As a young man Parsa returned to Iran in 1979 to join the revolution against the shah, and though he had to escape back to the US after Khomeini came to power, he continued his political activities against the Iranian regime to promote religious freedom, equality, and women’s rights.

Dr. Parsa seeks ways for people to appreciate different points of view that go beyond political correctness. To that end, he calls for the implementation of paradigm shifts in physics—quantum, relativity, new cosmology—to shape a  reinterpretation of human history. This in turn can be applied to religious texts and lead to a more universalist ethic, despite cultural differences.

Dr. Ali Parsa and Kerry Kennedy at OIAC sponsored “Human Rights Violations in Iran and Syria” Briefing at Chapman University-November 14, 2014.

Dr. Parsa has published numerous articles and presented in many conferences. His book, The Mind of the Historian: Causation on Philosophy of History, which reveals unavoidable biases of historians, is used in graduate-level classes in historiography. His most recent book, World History: A Concise, Selective, Interpretive History of the World, is being used as a textbook for classes in world history throughout United States Colleges and Universities. Under publication is a new book on world religions that is coming soon.

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