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iranian-americansIranian Americans Welcome Support from US Lawmakers, Await Matching Policies
OIAC, February 20, 2022

It is rare to see America’s policymakers set aside party affiliations or agree to join one another in support of a cause, yet last week, more than 50 members of congress found an exception. From across the U.S., these political figures took part in a virtual conference last week, organized by the Organization of Iranian American Communities to mark the anniversary of the 1979 Iranian revolution for freedom in Iran. For many Americans, the event is closely connected to the Iran hostage crisis but the conference served to emphasize the original goal of the revolution. In 1979, the people of Iran had rebelled and successfully overthrew the Shah’s dictatorial monarchy with the hope of establishing a truly democratic government. The participants wanted the world to know that this popular movement was not only co-opted by fundamentalists mullahs who established a religious dictatorship but also that the Iranian people continue to sacrifice for a secular and democratic republic. read more

evilplayoutEvilPlayout: Attack Against Iran’s State Broadcaster
Check Point, February 18, 2022

In the past few months, a new wave of cyberattacks has been flooding Iran. These attacks are far from minor website defacements – the recent wave is hitting national infrastructure and causing major disruptions to public services.
This article provides an in-depth technical analysis of one of the attacks against the Iranian national media corporation, Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting (IRIB) which occurred in late January 2022.
Key findings
On January 27, Iranian state broadcaster IRIB became the subject of a targeted cyberattack that resulted in several state-run TV channels broadcasting footage of opposition leaders and calling for the assassination of the supreme leader. Check Point Research team investigated this attack and was able to retrieve the files and forensics evidence related to the incident from publicly available resources. read more

iran cities teacherReformist Paper In Iran Cites Teacher Protests In More Than 100 Cities
Radio Farda, February 20, 2022

In the Iranian city of Ahvaz, a heinous crime took place recently where a man beheaded his 17-year-old wife, with the help of the victim’s brother, and proceeded to display her severed head in public.
This is just one of the many shocking murders of women in Iran. Over the past years, many such crimes have been committed, but only a few of them have been made public. This crime and many others like it have increased so much that the regime’s official media is forced to report them to highlight the extent of the violence against Iranian women.
According to the state-run daily Setareh-e Sobh, which reported this case on February 8, ‘women killing’ has become prevalent in the south region of the country, and “from the summer of 2019 until the summer of 2021 more than 60 cases of women killing have been reported. A point to consider is that among the killed are victims aged between 11 and 15.” read more

treasury-sanctionsU.S. sanctions international network funding Yemen’s Houthis -U.S. Treasury
Reuters, February 23, 2022

WASHINGTON, Feb 23 (Reuters) – The United States on Wednesday sanctioned a sprawling international network run by Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps and a Houthi financier that provided tens of millions of dollars to Yemen’s Houthi rebels, the U.S. Treasury said.
The complex web of individuals and front companies shipped fuel, other petroleum products and commodities throughout the Middle East, Africa and Asia, with the proceeds financing Houthi attacks in Yemen and on its neighbors, a Treasury statement said.
The complex web of individuals and front companies shipped fuel, other petroleum products and commodities throughout the Middle East, Africa and Asia, with the proceeds financing Houthi attacks in Yemen and on its neighbors, a Treasury statement said. read more

donated covid-19Iran returns donated COVID-19 vaccines manufactured in US
The Hill, February 22, 2022

Iran has returned 820,000 donated COVID-19 doses because they were manufactured in the United States.
The doses were among roughly a million of the British-Swedish AstraZeneca vaccine donated to the country by Poland, according to The Associated Press, which cited state media.

“But when the vaccines arrived in Iran, we found out that 820,000 doses of them which were imported from Poland were from the United States,” Mohammad Hashemi, an official in Iran’s Health Ministry, said, the AP reported. read more


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