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panel-calls-for-justicePanel Calls for Justice for Victims of 2019 Iranian Protest Crackdown
Voice of America, 11/14/2021

The Iran Atrocities Tribunal adjourned Sunday in London after hearing five days of testimony from more than 30 witnesses who alleged that Iranian authorities killed, tortured and abused thousands of their countrymen three years ago during protests against Tehran’s sudden increase in the price of gasoline.

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Iranian Regime Parliament’s Deputy Taunts Humanity, admits to killing pro-democracy protesters in Novemberiranian-regime 2019:
“I was one of those who shot those people, we killed them. Now who wants to put us on trial?!”

#حسن_نوروزی , the Deputy Chairman of the Judiciary and Legal Commission of the Majles, in response to the website of “Iran Watch” and in response to the holding #دادگاه of the people #آبان۹۸ said: “I was one of those who shot at the people, we killed . “Now who wants to try us? The other side set fire to the bank and we killed him.”
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iranian-ex-officialsIranian ex-official’s trial resumes in Albania
AFP via Yahoo News
November 10, 2021

The trial of a former Iranian prison official, accused of handing out death sentences as part of a 1988 purge of dissidents, moved to Albania on Wednesday, with a witness recalling “shocking scenes”.

Hamid Noury has been on trial at the district court in the Swedish capital Stockholm since August on a slew of charges including murder, crimes against humanity and war crimes, dating from July 30 to August 16, 1988.

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Iranian Americans Rally Outside the White House in Washington to Commemorate November 2019 Uprising, Demand Accountablity
Iran International-TV, November 13, 2021

هم‌زمان با برگزاری دادگاه بین‌المللی مردمی آبان در لندن، جمعی از ایرانیان نیز با برگزاری تجمعات اعتراضی در مقابل کاخ سفید خواستار رسیدگی به کشتار و شکنجه مردم در اعتراضات آبان ۹۸ شدند
گزارشی از هادی هزاره، ایران اینترنشنال

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Iranian Americans Rally in Washington, DC to Commemorate November 2019 Uprising in Iran

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