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swiss-courtSwiss Court Reopens Probe Into Iran Opposition Figure’s Killing September 28, 2021

AFP-A Swiss investigation into the 1990 killing of Iranian opposition figure Kazem Rajavi must reopen, after a court ordered genocide and crimes against humanity charges added to the probe.
Prosecutors in the Vaud canton had wanted to close the case on the April 24, 1990 killing of Radjavi outside Geneva, as it had passed the 30-year statute of limitations.
But “the killing in question may have been committed in relation to intended genocide or perpetration of crimes against humanity,” the Federal Criminal Court said in a judgement issued on September 23 and seen by AFP late Monday.
“Given that there is no statute of limitations on these acts… it is therefore appropriate for the federal prosecutor to take over the case,” the court added.
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Iran’s next president should face justiceThe ‘Butcher of Tehran’ is Terrified of Stepping Foot in the West | Opinion
Newsweek, October 1, 2021

Iran’s President Ebrahim Raisi, dubbed the “butcher of Tehran” due to his involvement in murder, genocide and human rights violations, ducked out of attending the U.N. General Assembly in New York and instead sent a pre-recorded message. Raisi is on the U.S. sanctions list because of his leading role in the 1988 massacre of over 30,000 political prisoners in Iran. It seems likely he chose to stay in Tehran rather than risk causing outrage to tens of thousands of ex-pat Iranians, had he come in person to New York. His predecessors as presidents of Iran, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and Hassan Rouhani, both attended the New York U.N. General Assembly meetings in person, but Raisi is clearly afraid of his murderous past catching up with him if he dares to set foot in the West.
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Iran-inflationBeset by inflation, Iranians struggle with high food prices
AP, September 30, 2021

TEHRAN, Iran (AP) — Mehdi Dolatyari watched with dread in recent months as once-affordable goods at his central Tehran supermarket soared out of reach for his customers. Iranians who previously bought sacks of staple foods at the store now struggle to scrape together enough for meals, as the country’s currency sinks to new lows against the dollar.
“Rice is awfully expensive,” Dolatyari said, describing how its price has nearly doubled.
With U.S. sanctions still strangling the economy, record-breaking inflation has hit ordinary Iranians where it hurts most. Stunned shoppers are cutting meat and dairy from their diets, buying less and less each month.
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iran-unfreeze-10billionIran asked U.S. to unfreeze $10 billion to show good will, Iran official says
Reuters, October 2, 2021

DUBAI, Oct 2 (Reuters) – Iran’s foreign minister said on Saturday that U.S. officials tried to discuss restarting nuclear talks last month, but he insisted Washington must first release $10 billion of Tehran’s frozen funds as a sign of good will.
Iran has rejected direct talks with the United States, and indirect talks on reviving a 2015 nuclear accord aimed at keeping Iran from being able to develop a nuclear weapon stopped in June.
The United States used intermediaries at the United Nations last month to attempt to make contact, Foreign Minister Hossein Amirabdollahian told state television.
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Iran Protests & More

protests-continue-in-iranProtests Continue in Iran in Response to Current Social and Economic Crises
Iran Focus, September 30, 2021

In recent weeks, many protests have taken place across Iran because of society’s agitation at the Iranian regime’s lack of attempts to resolve the current social and economic crises in Iran.
On Tuesday, retirees from Iran’s Health Ministry held protests in cities across Iran demanding that they receive their delayed pensions and bonuses that the regime has refused to adjust to fit the rising inflation rate.
On September 3, just before the start of the new academic year, Iranian teachers began the first of many protests in response to the lack of employment opportunities and low salaries.
The NCRI said, “There have been many protests by the green report card teachers, who have passed the Education Ministry’s employment test. Still, the regime has so far refused to employ them despite the shortage of teachers across Iran.”
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iran human rights monitorMonthly Report September 2021, Iran Human Rights Monitor
Iran-Hrm, October 1, 2021

The deaths of at least four prisoners under torture last month once again drew attention to the issue of torture and ill-treatment of prisoners in Iran.
Torture and inhumane treatment of detainees and prisoners by agents has always been one of the most serious violations of human rights in Iran.
A prisoner identified as 22-year-old Amirhossein Hatami was killed under torture on September 23 in the Greater Tehran Penitentiary. An informed source said he was killed under severe beatings of batons to his head by the prison guards.
Shahin Naseri, witness to executed wrestling champion Navid Afkari, died on September 21 in the Greater Tehran Penitentiary. In his audio testimony, Shahin said that he was threatened by the court judge for his testimonies. Sources close to Shahin’s family said his body showed signs of torture. He had bruises on his sides and ribcage and a head injury. His ears were still bleeding after his death.
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