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Oil tankers breaching U.S. sanctions to secretly ship Iranian oil
Yahoo News, Aug 26, 2020

LONDON — Four oil tankers have been stripped of their flags following an NBC News investigation into allegations they secretly transported Iranian oil in defiance of crippling U.S. sanctions imposed by President Donald Trump.

The four ships all made covert visits to Iranian waters this year where they collectively picked up millions of barrels of oil, according to data from Tanker Trackers, a maritime research firm.
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UN Security Council Declines Action on US-Sought Return of Iran Sanctions
VOA, August 25, 2020

NEW YORK – The president of the U.N. Security Council said Tuesday there is no consensus for restoring international sanctions on Iran in the 15-member council and that he would take no further action on a U.S. demand to re-impose them.

“It is clear for me that there is one member, which has a particular position on the issue, while there are significant numbers of members who have contrasting views,” said Council President Indonesian Ambassador Dian Triansyah Djani. “In my view, there is no consensus in the council. Thus, the president is not in the position to take further action.”
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Iran Protests & More


Iran Court Passes Double Death Sentence On Protester In Shiraz
Radio farda, August 30, 2020

Iranian human rights activists have reported that a court in Shiraz has sentenced a 27-year-old to two death sentences on charges that have not been officially explained.

Human Rights Activists News Agency (HRANA) has reported that Navid Afkari who was arrested with his two brothers Vahid and Habib in August 2018 have been charged with forming a group to act against the regime, killing a security agent and actively participating in protests in Kazerun and Shiraz. Based on these charges, he has received to two death sentences, six months of prison and seventy-four lashes.
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Iran-protests-rise-this-weekIran Protests Rise This Week
Iran Focus, August 27, 2020

Iran has been besieged by protests from Iranian workers over the past week, showing that the regime is unpopular in all sectors.

Haft Tappeh Sugarcane Company workers continued their protest rally outside the Shush govern orate for the 73rd consecutive day on Wednesday.

Many repressive security and police agents were dispatched to the scene to suppress the workers’ legal and peaceful gathering, but still, the protesters said they would continue their protests until their demands are met. The demands are:
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A-call-for-justice-and-accountabilityWebinar: 1988 Massacre in Iran, A Call for Justice & Accountability- August 25, 2020



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