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Brief On Iran (BOI)- Newsletter, June 22nd, 2015

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Brief On Iran – Newsletter
June 22nd, 2015
  Iran- Human Rights (Women, Minorities, Ethnics)

 Iran Human Rights

Update: Mohammad Moghimi was released from Rajaee Shahr Prison on bail of 20 million toman (approximately $60,000) on the afternoon of Wednesday, June 17, 2015.

Mohammad Moghimi, a defense lawyer who was imprisoned for shaking the hand of his client, the imprisoned artist and civil activist Atena Faraghdani, during a prison visit, will be released on June 16 after his family posted bail, a source close to Mr. Moghimi’s family told the International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran.

Mr. Moghimi, who has been in custody at Rajaee Shahr Prison since June 13 after his meeting with Ms. Faraghdani at Evin Prison, received bail orders of 20 million toman (approximately $60,000) from Branch 4 of Evin Prison Court, which his family paid on June 15. Officials told the family that he would be released on June 16, although at press time he was not yet released.

Mohmmad Moghimi was charged with “non-adultery illegitimate relations” for shaking hands with his female client. He had gone to Evin Prison to meet Ms. Faraghdani and to prepare an appeal request for her 12-year prison sentence.

  Iran Human Rights
In the absence of international reactions the Iranian authorities have executed one person every two hours in June 2015. Iran Human Rights (IHR) calls for immediate international reactions to stop the mass-executions ongoing in Iran.
Iran Human Rights, June 17, 2015: Official Iranian media has reported about the execution of 27 people yesterday and today.

According to the website of the Iranian State Broadcasting, Jam News, 25 prisoners were hanged in the Rajaishahr prison of Karaj (west of Tehran) Tuesday morning June 16. “Most of the prisoners were convicted of drug related charges” said the report which called the prisoners “criminals and drug traffickers”. None of the prisoners were identified by name.

Two other prisoners were hanged in two different Iranian cities early this morning. According to Tabnak news website, one of the prisoners was charged with Moharebeh (waging war against God) for kidnapping, carrying arms and distribution of alcoholic beverages. The prisoner who was not identified by name was 33 year old and was hanged early Wednesday morning in the prison of Mashhad (Northeastern Iran) said the report.

 Al Arabiya

Female detainees in Iran’s prisons face an uncertain future amid reports by human rights organizations of the systematic abuse women are subjected to in Iranian detention facilities.

An Al Arabiya News Channel report highlighted the situation many women prisoners face in Iran.

Activist Narges Mohammadi was arrested in May this year and was taken to the notorious Evin prison, north of Tehran where she is resuming a six-year sentence, according to Reporters Without Borders.

She was first detained in 2007 when she suffered from epilepsy and muscular dystrophy in Evin.

Today, Mohammadi’s continues to deteriorate as officials refuse to provide access to proper medical attention, according to the Al Arabiya report.

Mohammadi works closely with 2003 Nobel Peace Prize laureate Shirin Ebadi, who authorities harassed prompting her to leave Iran in 2009. Her sister was arrested following her departure, an effort by Tehran to mount pressure on Ebadi, Al Arabiya reported.

  Iran- Terrorism Activities (Middle East)

The Washington Times
Guy Taylor

Paris event showcases bipartisan American support for Iranian dissidents.


Tens of thousands of Iranian opposition exiles gathered in France last weekend for an annual rally demanding regime change in Iran and condemning President Obama’s push to sign a nuclear accord with the Islamic republic.

The gathering was led by the Iranian exile organization, the National Council of Resistance of Iran, and drew dozens of current and former officials from the U.S., Europe and the Middle East who joined in the call for Iran‘s Shiite Islamist government to be overthrown.

Among the more high-profile figures was Senate Armed Services Committee Chairman John McCain, Arizona Republican, who told the massive crowd in a prerecorded video message that “the Iranian regime [is] the true epicenter of Islamic extremism in the world.”

Despite participating in nuclear negotiations with Western powers, Iran‘s leadership “continues to fund terror and incite chaos and in its campaign for domination in the vacuum of American withdrawal,” the 2008 Republican presidential nominee told the gathering.

ABBC News, Kabul, The fighters say they were paid by the Iranian government to fight for Syria’s President, Bashar al-Assad, and promised passports and jobs if they survive.

The videos cannot be verified by the BBC but there is evidence that young, jobless Afghans, mostly from the minority Hazara community, are fleeing the country for a better life and ending up as pawns in Syria’s bloody civil war.

Looking for a better lifeIn the Afghan capital, Kabul, one 22-year old among a group of jobless men tells me what happened to him in Iran.

“They gathered lots of us together with the promise of jobs and ID cards. But once we got there we were offered something different – to go and fight in Syria. I refused,” he said.

At least four Americans are being held in Yemen by rebels who toppled the US-backed government, the Washington Post reported late on Friday.

Citing unnamed sources, the report said attempts to free the Americans have failed. The Americans are believed to be imprisoned in the capital Sana’a, which Saudi Arabia has repeatedly bombed in a campaign to oust the rebels, known as Houthis, from power.

The Houthis had cleared one of the prisoners for release, but the report said members of the Houthi rebellion reversed that decision.

Three of the prisoners hold private sector jobs, and the fourth holds dual US-Yemini citizenship. None is a US government employee, the report said.

The Post report said the newspaper was withholding details about the four at the request of relatives and US officials, who cited safety concerns.

Sen. John McCain

 I’m very proud to be with you for this remarkable and inspiring display of Iranian unity against the terror and violence and extremism of the regime in Tehran and the people who are under attack in Camp Liberty.

The American people have always stood up for those fighting for freedom and human dignity around the world, and that’s why the American people stand with you at this time. Your cause is our cause, and your fight is our fight.

Today we live in a world in crisis. Across the Middle East, Iran is setting fire to sectarian tensions in Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Yemen and beyond, killing thousands and driving millions from their homes.

The Iranian regime, the true epicenter of radical Islamic extremism in the world, continues to fund terror and incite chaos in its campaign for domination in the vacuum of the American withdrawal.

 Iran- Nuclear Activities
Nuclear Deal With Iran

Nahal Toosi

The Obama administration is considering appointing a “czar”-like official to oversee the enforcement of a nuclear deal with Iran, one of several options it is weighing to ensure the still-unfinished accord doesn’t unravel, according to sources familiar with the discussions.

It’s an idea that some argue is smart – even crucial – because of the multiple agencies, countries and international bodies that will be involved in the deal. People familiar with an earlier nuclear agreement with North Korea say having had such a position then would have helped, at least for a while, keep that doomed deal on track.

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“It’s a sensible idea,” said Robert Einhorn, who served as assistant secretary of state for nonproliferation during the Clinton administration. “Call it a czar, call it a special representative, whatever it is. Call it coordinator for implementation or something like that.

 America Thinker
Amir Basiri

The end of June deadline for a comprehensive deal between world powers and Iran over its contested nuclear program is fast closing, and the prospects of achieving a deal that will prevent an Islamic fundamentalist state from obtaining nuclear bombs are grim.

Iranian opposition leader Maryam Rajavi recently warned, “Western governments, the United States in particular, violated U.N. Security Council resolutions and offered major concessions, propelling the [Iranian] regime closer to the bomb.”

Rajavi was speaking at a convention held in Paris, in which tens of thousands of Iranian expatriates from across the globe and some 600 dignitaries from 69 countries attended to support regime change in Iran.

U.S. President Barack Obama, who spearheads an attempt at détente with Iran, argues his approach has effectively frozen Iran’s nuclear program and prevented the derailment of negotiations that will supposedly end the decade-long standoff with Iran over its illicit nuclear program.


Sanctions against Iran’s economy are likely to erode if talks to curb Iran’s nuclear program fail or U.S. lawmakers try to block an international agreement, according to the U.K. and German envoys to Washington.

“You’re already seeing a number of countries which of course don’t respect the embargo on oil,” U.K. Ambassador Peter Westmacott said Tuesday, referring to half a dozen economies with an exemption from U.S. sanctions that lets them import Iranian crude, as well as companies that have sought to evade bans on trade.

Westmacott spoke alongside his French and German counterparts at the Atlantic Council, a Washington policy institute, about the prospects for reaching a deal on Iran’s nuclear program before a self-imposed deadline of June 30.

Yahoo News

An exiled Iranian opposition group accused Tehran Thursday of a “vast collaboration” withNorth Korea in developing nuclear arms, alleging that experts from both countries made regular intelligence-sharing visits.

“The Iranian regime continues to collaborate with North Korea on nuclear warheads and ballistic missiles,” the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI) said in a report citing sources close to the Iranian government.

North Korean experts spent a week in the Iranian capital in April this year, the report said, staying at a site close to the country’s defence ministry.

It was the third such visit by a North Korean nuclear delegation in 2015 alone, according to the report.

Senior Iranian scientist Mohsen Fakhrizadeh was meanwhile in North Korea when it held a third nuclear test in February 2013, the NCRI said, and Iranian experts went to the country on a regular basis.

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