Senator Ted Cruz (R-Texas)
Foreign Relations Committee & Committee on The Judiciary

It’s an honor, and a pleasure to, once again, address you for the celebration of Persian new year and to express my ongoing support for the Iranian American community in Texas, with any luck next year, I’ll be able to deliver this message to you in person, as Iranian Americans in Texas and across the United States celebrate this new year. I know that we are all deeply concerned about much of what is happening in Washington, DC regarding Ayatollah Khamenei and the mullahs, the catastrophic Obama Iran, nuclear deal, reconnecting Iran to the global financial system while also flooding the Ayatollahs with hundreds of billions of dollars in sanctions relief, gifting them everything they needed to launder vast sums of money, across the world, for terrorism and proliferation.

I urged President Trump to withdraw from that disastrous deal. And he did so. Together, we made enormous progress pressuring the Iranian regime over the last several years, but you and I both fear, we’re headed into a dangerous chapter with the Biden Harris administration. Working actively every day, it seems, to undermine the national security gains made in the last four years and to reinvigorate the Ayatollahs. This administration has shown every sign that it intends to, and that it will, embrace and appease the Iranian regime.

We are already seeing the sorry fruits of that appeasement in the form of constant attacks by Iran and its terror armies on American forces and our allies across the Middle East. But the message I bring to you this new year, is that we must all maintain and redouble our determination to vocally and unapologetically stand up to the evil Iranian regime. And that I am dedicated to doing so. Just as Ronald Reagan brought down the Soviet Union with strategic strength and by boldly speaking the truth, we likewise, must work to collapse the Iranian regime that oppresses its people, and that seeks to sow terror all over the world.

I know this as possible and, not only that, it is necessary. The Iranian regime unremittingly seeks our destruction and the Ayatollah continually chants death to America. We will not be safe until the regime has fallen. When we’re here talking about the future of Iran, it is my belief that we need to collapse the regime and with your help and with your leadership, we will.

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