Hello. This is Congressman Steve Cohen. Sorry I can’t be with you in person, but we have to do these things virtually now. But we still want to remember the 1988 massacre. What went on there and the victims need to be remembered and remembered forever. It was a horrific circumstance.

And what’s going on in Iran is still horrific. There’ve been breakdowns, shutdowns on people’s rights, limitation of rights, the actions of the government have been repressive towards individual rights and individual opportunities, and things have gotten worse and worse there. So it’s more important than ever that we remember the victims of 1988 and we recommit ourselves to remembering it’s important to have a free and independent Iran that is a member of the family of nations that extends rights to its citizens and respects the ballot box and democracy, and respects its neighbors, and is a friend of the United States and a friend of the world.

So look forward to being with you in the future. It’s always good to see my friends and I’m pleased to be with you today virtually.

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