Congressman Scott Peters (D-CA)
Hi. It’s great to be with you today for this virtual conference in solidarity with the people of Iran. I’m Congressman Scott Peters and I represent the cities of San Diego, Coronado and Poway, California. Today we’re highlighting the reintroduction of a House Resolution which condemns Iranian state-sponsored terrorism and supports the Iranian people’s yearning for a democratic secular and nonnuclear Republic of Iran. This resolution emphasizes the Iranian people’s desire for an open and free society backed by a fair system of government without the threat of violence or terror. It also seeks to hold Iran accountable for its egregious human rights violations and regional destabilization measures, like the growing ballistic missile program, which not only threatens Iran’s own democracy but that of the United States and our allies around the globe.

Since first coming to Congress, I have pushed for an immediate end to forceful repression of democratic protests and Iran’s nuclear and ballistic weapons programs. I’ve sent letters and cosponsored resolutions to both President Obama and President Trump, urging greater international cooperation to achieve these goals. And last year, I was an early cosponsor of the No Ban Act, that prohibits religious discrimination in many immigration-related decisions. And I applaud President Biden’s repeal of the travel ban that disproportionately affected Iranian Americans and their families.

This year I’ve continued to work on issues that matter to the Iranian American community. Last March I discussed the number of immigration policies that affect the Iranian American community with a number of local Iranian leaders in my district office. Last May, I signed a letter to renew the expiring U.N. arms embargo against Iran and the U.N. travel restrictions on those Iranian individuals who are involved with dangerous proliferation activities. And in June I cosponsored another resolution to recognize the contributions of Iranian Americans in government, military and other facets of American society. It also upholds the civil liberties and rights of Iranian Americans by condemning bigotry, violence and discrimination.

Looking ahead, I will continue to use my platform to push for a democratic secular and non-nuclear Iran. And I appreciate the California Society for Democracy in Iran and the Organization of Iran American Communities for bringing light to this cause and for giving me an opportunity to participate and to speak. Thank you.

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